Our Favorite Music

There is so much we want to share with all of you and we can't fit it all into one day. So we've made this page to give you the inside access to all things Sara and Eric! Even if you can't join us for the big day, we still consider you family and hope you enjoy. 

Here are some of our favorite songs and why they are significant to us.

Linda Ronstadt and Aaron Neville, "Don't Know Much"

When we went to the Fitz and the Tantrums concert in November 2013, Capital Cities opened for the band. Right before they came on stage, they played this song. It was the only time, and probably will remain the only time, that I knew a song that Eric didn't. Thanks Mom and Dad for playing lots and lots of Linda Ronstadt while I was growing up.

Fitz and the Tantrums, "Fool's Gold"

At the same show mentioned above, they filmed the show and used it to create a video for their new song, "Fool's Gold". Bonus points if you can spot us in the crowd!