Our Story

sara_pumped, meet eg8008

Our story begins like many love stories...online.

eg8008 emailed sara_pumped and introduced himself. According to the ok_cupid bot, we were a 92% match. sara_pumped was intrigued by his clever and humorous profile. eg8008 was intrigued by her smile and willingness to engage in a back-and-forth guessing game via email. After a short email conversation, which of course included references to music and some multiple choice questions, they agreed to meet for drinks.

Who: You and Me
Where: O'Shaughnessy's Public House, 4557 N Ravenswood
When: Thursday, July 19, 8pm

Despite having to be at work the next day Sara was enjoying their conversation and Eric's company, so she decided to stay out past her bedtime. The rest, as they say, is history.

The Proposal

Valentine's Day, 2015. Sara got Eric a lovely book about gangsters, as it was recommended for those who missed Walter White. Eric got Sara a dancing hippo that sings "Hippos love Hugs" to the tune of Baby Got Back (it's kind of amazing). Really, nothing could top that, but apparently Eric had another gift for her. Shockingly it had been stolen, but the thief left a note. A series of clues, and a misdirection, led them to Jefferson Park and the site of their second date. Despite the 5 degree temperature and the iced over snow, they trekked into the park and Eric heroically dug in the snow to find the stolen ring (don't worry, it had been in his pocket the whole time). On both snow-covered knees he asked her to marry her. Quickly taking off her glove, she said yes. They decided it was too cold to make it all the way home and stopped for some celebratory drinks at their local watering hole, Rex's Tavern.

Some Highlights